Welcome to Bi-County

As a proactive measure to mitigate the spread of COVID-19, Bi-County offices will have limited physical access. The User Fee Office will be open (see hours below).

Should you need assistance in another area, please call the number listed below and we will provide guidance on how to proceed.

During the COVID-19 Pandemic, please remember that the Convenience Centers are meant for SMALLER loads of bagged household waste. NOT LARGE LOADS or LARGE ITEMS. LARGE LOADS and LARGER ITEMS should be delivered to the Main Landfill Scales located at 3212 Dover Road. Hours of operation for the scales are:

Monday -Friday 5: 30 a.m. to 4: 00 p.m.

Saturday 7: 00 a.m. to 4: 00 p.m.

The Transfer Station located at 1230 Highway Drive can also accept some larger loads and large items (No Double Axle Trailers), however they are overwhelmed at this time as well. Therefore, there could be much longer wait times and request for delivery to the Main Landfill on Dover Road. Hours of operation for the Transfer Station are:

Monday - Sunday from 7: 00 a.m. to 6: 00 p.m.

Please Note: Convenience Center Attendants have been advised to make discretionary decisions based on box space and traffic flow. Again, we are here to serve the citizens of Montgomery and Stewart Counties, but need your help to follow these guidelines so we can continue to serve all residents in a fair manner.

Semptember 7th - Labor Day Operating Hours

Monday, September 7th - All Bi-County Operations will be CLOSED

Beginning July 1, 2020

Newspaper Recycling Bins will be removed from all convenience centers. Please throw newspaper, junk mail, magazines in the trash.

Household Hazardous Dates:

Household Hazardous Waste Collection Events were canceled by TDEC due to COVID-19. Dates will be posted if TDEC has openings for Fall 2020 Events.

Holiday Schedule 2020

January 1st New Year’s Day CLOSED (Entire Operation)
January 2nd Convenience Centers OPEN
January 20th Dr. Martin Luther King Day CLOSED (Entire Operation)
February 17th President’s Day Landfills, Convenience Centers OPEN
Administrative Offices Closed
April 10th Good Friday CLOSED (Entire Operation)
May 25th Memorial Day CLOSED (Entire Operation)
July 3rd Independence Day Landfills, Convenience Centers OPEN
Administrative Offices Closed
July 4th Independence Day CLOSED (Entire Operation)
September 7th Labor Day CLOSED (Entire Operation)
November 11th Veteran’s Day Landfills, Convenience Centers OPEN
Administrative Offices Closed
November 26th Thanksgiving Day CLOSED (Entire Operation)

November 27th Day After Thanksgiving Main Landfill, Convenience Centers OPEN
St. B Landfill & Administrative Offices Closed
December 24th Christmas Eve Main Landfill, Convenience Centers
St. B Landfill & Administrative Offices Closed
December 25th Christmas Day CLOSED (Entire Operation)

January 1, 2021 New Year’s Day CLOSED (Entire Operation)

Serving Montgomery County, Stewart County and Fort Campbell

Montgomery County and Stewart County formed a Solid Waste Authority in 1974. This foresight has lead to one of the best-run facilities in the United States. Known worldwide, Bi-County continues to operate a Class I Landfill, and two construction and demolition, Class III landfills. Bi-County was the first government run landfill in Tennessee to meet the Subtitle D regulations for solid waste.

Mark Neblett became the Executive Director of the Bi-County Landfill on October 2, 2019. A seven member board governs the Bi-County Solid Waste Management System. Jay Albertia is the current Chairman of the Board. 

The Bi-County Landfill, located off Dover Road, is where all trash is taken for Montgomery and Stewart Counties. Landfills are complex organizations required to meet challenging regulations that minimize negative effects on the environment’s air, land, and water.

In addition to meeting federal and state environmental regulations, Bi-County is also charged with increasing the amount of recycling taken in each year. We ask that you help us increase the life of our landfill by recycling at your organization and where you live. Beyond that we ask you, along with us, to reduce that amount of trash you generate. It is our pleasure to serve the people of Montgomery and Stewart County by providing you with a place for the proper disposal of your trash.


Due to Tire Grant Requirements Bi-County Solid Waste now requires PRIVATE Individuals to provide the following information when disposing of Waste Tires.

Name, Address, and Number of Tires


This information will be kept on file for the State of Tenessee to insure that residents from other Counties are not using Montgomery County facilities for tire disposal.