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NOTICE: REGISTRATION RENEWALS Per an Executive Order announced by Governor Bill Lee on March 19, 2020, Vehicle Registrations that expire in March, April, and May will now be extended through June 15th. All Montgomery County Registration Renewals must be processed online or by mail.
Montgomery County has declared a Local State of Emergency due to COVID-19. Public access to the Montgomery County Clerk’s Office will be unavailable beginning March 19, 2020. Passport acceptance services, TN boat registration renewals, and the issuance of TN hunting/fishing licenses will be temporarily suspended until further notice. Marriage applications will be accepted by appointment only. Please contact our office for further assistance at 931-648-5711. Thank you for your patience during this difficult situation.
Kellie Jackson, County Clerk

Kellie Jackson

County Clerk

I hope you will agree this site will assist in answering your most frequently asked questions. I have promised to find efficient and effective ways to manage your clerk's office and I believe this site is a very important piece in that process. In addition to this web site, we are now processing online registration renewals, as well as, accepting MasterCard, Discover, and Visa credit card payments. Below you will find general facts about the duties of our office. To the left are numerous links to give you more detailed information. Please feel free to contact my office at (931) 648-5711 if you need further assistance.

The County Clerk is a constitutional officer and is elected by the people for a term of four years. The Montgomery County Clerk's Office has numerous duties to include several types of licenses. This includes but is not limited to vehicle licenses, marriage licenses, county beer licenses and business licenses. The County Clerk's Office also handles the issuance of passports, Notary Publics and the titling of vehicles. The County Clerk is the clerk of the county legislative body and maintains the official County Commission Minutes which are available for public viewing.